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Kelly Min
18 August 2006 @ 01:20 am
La Mascarade Eternelle
{The Eternal Masquerade}
Author: Kelly Min
{ amaterasuerato@gmail.com }

Disclaimer: CSI {Crime Scene Investigation} is copyright of Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuiker, and CBS – this includes all minor and major characters that were once in, or still currently in the show. The only thing I can claim here is the idea and my original characters, Giselle Mihantos and Guillelmina Ettore.

Author’s Note: This is possibly my LARGEST fic I’ve ever written. It’s set somewhat Alternate Universe, so Holly and Aiden are still alive and kicking and it does incorporate some NY into it. This is going to be a Lady Heather/Grissom fic, but I’m also incorporating other couples into it besides them. And this first part takes care of some introductions and getting underway and all that kind of thing so that the second part can focus solely on the most important pair. I hope you all enjoy!

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Kelly Min
07 April 2006 @ 06:24 am
Title: La lussuria non è l'amore [Lust is not Love]
Author: Kelly Min [moonshinescribe]
Claim: Detective Donald Flack Junior
Fandom: Crime Scene Investigation: New York
csi50 Theme: Theme Set #2, Prompt/Theme #023 - Need You Tonight.
Rating: NC-17. Graphic sexual scenes.
Author’s Notes: Okay, truth be told this is the THIRD part (yes third) of a three part series. I’m writing them backwards, to kind of do a flashback type… deal. Now, I’ve got to warn you, this has graphic sex scenes in it. So if you’re turned off by this kind of thing, don’t read it.

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Kelly Min
05 April 2006 @ 01:29 am
001.Blood, Sweat & Tears 002.Beguiled 003.Slow Suicide 004.Ooze 005.Saints & Sinners
006.Something Humans Do 007.Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate) 008.Solitary 009.Records 010.Flesh
011.From Whence We Came 012.Spirituality 013.Bittersweet 014.Save Me 015.Save Yourself
016.Ordinary 017.Gossip 018.Denial 019.Once in a Blue Moon 020.Wild Trip
021.Sedated 022.Stop and Think 023.Need You Tonight 024.Playboy 025.Cold
026.Inner Geek [link] 027.Rattled 028.Feel Good 029.What I Want 030.Cross The Line
031.Creative 032.Over Soon 033.Disbelief 034.No Sleep Tonight 035.Click, Click Boom
036.Independent 037.Methodical Thinking 038.Take a Stand 039.Fear 040.Procedural
041.On My Mind 042.Relationships 043.Free 044.One by One 045.Shame
046.Lose Control 047.Life 048.Death 049.writer's choice 050.writer's choice

csi50 tablet for the stories I am doing with dokunokasumi.
Bold equals unfinished/unwritten.
Strikethrough equals finished.
Underline equals they are dokunokasumi's.
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Kelly Min
04 April 2006 @ 05:08 pm
Title: Geek with Blue Eyes
Author: Kelly Min [moonshinescribe]
Claim: Detective Donald Flack Junior
Fandom: Crime Scene Investigation: New York
csi50 Theme: Theme Set #2, Prompt/Theme #026 - Inner Geek.
Rating: PG to PG-13, light swearing.
Author’s Notes: Just once we catch our dear Detective Flack in a rare moment – not being his usual self, and it’s rather… cute. I’d like to mention here that other than this, you’ll have to wait and see… I like to keep people in suspense.

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Kelly Min
04 April 2006 @ 04:47 pm

This writing LJ is friends only. You need to comment to be added, simple as that.


a) Criticism is always welcomed, as long as it’s “constructive”.
b) Flaming and plain disregard will get you banned.
c) You can make requests (meaning I write about characters you’d like me to) – but I’ll only take one a week.
d) Challenges that are for other communities (like csi50) will be posted as public so they can be viewed by all.
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