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11 March 2007 @ 04:03 pm
Author: Kelly Min | moonshinescribe
{ moonshinescribe@gmail.com }

Disclaimer: Criminal Minds is copyright of Jeff Davis and CBS – this includes all past and present cast, both major and minor. Three Days Grace’s “Pain” is copyright of them. The only thing I can claim here is the idea. Guillelmina Ettore (an original character created by myself – she’s an Italy born mafia princess, who unlike the rest of her family, did not become what life dictated) – whom I portray with Krista Allen (some might recall her from CSI, played Kristy Hopkins) – is the only person I can claim here. Not the avatar, obviously.

Author’s Note: This is set … mostly, just after, “The Big Game” and “Revelations”. Possibly between “Revelations” and “Fear and Loathing”. Not entirely sure yet, we’ll see when I’m done writing, if there are any endnotes – you’ll know. Anyhow, enjoy.

Promise me. The voice echoed in the Italian brunette’s ears and mind.

Promise me, no matter what Mina – if there’s even the slightest hesitation, you’ll call me. Derek. He’d made her promise that if she had any problems with Spencer, she’d call.

She had volunteered – the 33-year-old BAU Profiler (“probie” in her own right) – to take care of and watch over Spencer for about a month or so. Derek and Jason had been a little worried over their brilliant Doctor. He had gone through something terrible. And neither of them, for possibly the first time in their lives – were sure what would happen.

Mina had been occupying herself with menial tasks – cooking, cleaning, laundry – she never did more than he allowed her to, and sometimes she’d sit with him before his fireplace and they’d read books while the blazes inside the bricks danced and flickered against the couch and the pair of bookworms sitting there.

Currently, Mina had been cooking dinner. She had made Rigatoni with Meat Sauce, a Salad with plenty of vegetables in it and some Italian dressing – and some breadsticks. A bottle of red wine was also on the table. Once she had everything on the table, she made her way for Spencer’s bedroom. Knocked gently on the doorframe. “Spencer? Dinner’s ready.”

“Mm?” Reid glanced up from the “nothing” he had been so intently gazing at for the past hour. “Oh dinner. Thank you. You know,” He’ll stand up and brush off his pants, more habitually than anything. “you don’t have to do this.”

“Don’t have to do what exactly, Spencer?” Mina took a step back from the door. “Not make sure you eat? Not make sure you’re okay? No, that – I’m afraid I have to do. And I won’t hear any arguments either. Unless you want me to call Derek?”

Reid paused, mentally – he’s picturing the verbal berating he’d get from Morgan if Mina did that. “No, no that’s all right. It’s appreciated – I just um, don’t know if it’s really necessary.” He’ll move to follow her into the kitchen. Mina handed him the bottle of red wine to open. While he took care of that, she plated the food.

“I thought I said no arguments?” Mina pointed to her silver Nextel i870. Sitting beside her cell was her pager, the Motorola Timeport™ P935. “It’s right there, and Derek’s on speed-dial.”


Reid loosened his collar as he successfully opened the bottle of wine, pouring them each a glass. “Is it just me, or did you just throw a random threat?”
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