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11 October 2006 @ 07:16 am
neo phase of moon.  
Title: Neo Phase of Moon
Author: Kelly Min | moonshinescribe
Series: Xiaolin Showdown
Chapter: One
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Xiaolin Showdown is copyrighted property of Christy Hui. Only character I can claim is Min Lein. I also can claim the idea.
Author’s Note: I’ve been recently watching the entire series via YouTube and I’m only on episode 27 right now, so I am only really basing this on what I know from watching and what I know from reading up on it on Wiki. So, I hope you all like it – it’s set mostly, when the entirety of the original Xiaolin Warriors is sixteen and a new kind of training shall begin. Enjoy.

“Honorable Master Fung,” Came the quiet voice. “good morning, how does meditation find you?” Master Fung was indeed meditating in the meditation room of the Xiaolin Temple. Standing off to the side – not too far from him is his apprentice in training, Min Lein. Min was special from all the other monks there due to her symbol on her forehead – a crescent moon – and just as Master Fung she is both wise beyond her years, kind, but disciplinary if need be. Min has lengthy chestnut brown hair that is kept back in a braid and what she is told are “kind” blue-green eyes. She stands 5’4” and has slightly pale alabaster skin. Though her size is something akin to the bulk Clay has, with some extra thrown in – she is still respected highly.

Master Fung spoke in calm tones, while his focus is unbroken. “Good morning Min. Meditation always puts me in the calm, before the storm. And how does the morning find you?” Eyes closed still, though he knows she is there and they shall be speaking – undoubtedly.

“Calm, though I took my meditation far earlier than you did. I came to announce that the Xiaolin Apprentices have made breakfast and are waiting for us.” Min folded her arms and tucked her hands into her sleeves. Master Fung ceased his focus then, opening his eyes he would stand up. “Then we should not keep them waiting, come Min.” Min bowed to Master Fung as he walked for the dining room and she would follow behind.

In the dining room, the four Apprentice Xiaolin Warriors sat at the square, nearly to the floor table. Clay and Omi on the left side, which faced the doorway – Raimundo and Kimiko on the side that faced opposite. Dojo, as almost per usual, was settled on Clay’s cowboy hat, curled around it. All of them dressed in their robes with their Apprentice Sashes tied around their waists.

“I did not know Miss Lein would be eating with us,” Omi’s big smile was as big as his heart – at least as big as it could be, Omi was still learning many things. “I am however, most pleased to have your company. For someone in training to become Master Fung’s replacement is certainly a scholar in many ways I could not be.”

Min returned the smile, as she took her seat, which put her closest to Kimiko and Omi. Master Fung sat on the other end, which put him closest to Raimundo and Clay. “Why thank you, Apprentice Omi, your kind words are appreciated. And I am most certain that in time, you all will be the most formidable of Dragons ever trained here at Xiaolin Temple.”

Clay tipped his hat with a rather typical Texan charming smile. “Thank you kindly, ma’am. I’d like to think so myself.” Raimundo grinned. “Yeah, well – we all know who’s the most kick butt, huh guys?” Looked at them all, who all whistled and turned away like they didn’t hear him. Raimundo fumed some. Kimiko smiled. “Thanks Min, I’m sure you’ll do Master Fung proud too.” And finally Omi decided to put in his own two cents. “Ah yes, I am most humble at your own kind words Miss Lein. For they are an invaluable piece of advice, most wise of you to say.”

Master Fung took a sip of his tea. “And to merely state for the record, my Dragon Apprentices – Min has done the Temple proud in many ways. This is why I have decided to honor her with a gift. A Shen Gong Wu.” Everyone perked, including Dojo. “Much like Dojo guards the Scroll, Min will be guarding a particular Shen Gong Wu which I believe to be most valuable to her own talents.”

Dojo uncurled a little from Clay’s hat. “Oooh! Oooh! Let me, let me!” Waved his arms a little too frantically and nearly fell off Clay’s hat.

Clay glanced up, while the others glanced over. “Let you what, Dojo?”

Dojo grinned. “Let me explain! Ahem,” He’ll put on his reading glasses, then pull a book out from behind him – out of thin air it seems. “according to legend, only very devote Masters-in-Training are given a symbolic Shen Gong Wu to guard, kind of like you kids with your Wu of choice – except in this case, it is only guarded, never used. The last Master to be praised with such an honor was…” Flipped through some pages. “…Master Fung.” And well, now everyone went bug-eyed.

“Indeed,” Master Fung stood, moving over to a small box put aside on another table. “but I turned down the offer, as I felt that all of the Shen Gong Wu would one day be mine to learn and entrust the safekeeping of. To some, the honor of being appointed to such a status is more than actually accomplishing it.” He took up the box and walked over to Min. Opening it, he would reveal the Shen Gong Wu he had selected. “The Lunar Locket. This Shen Gong Wu, as you recall, allows the user to control the Moon. Its phases and locations.” He would place it in Min’s hands. “I believe it shall serve you well.”

Min blinked a moment, then she put it around her neck, lifting up the pendant – then glancing to Master Fung. “Thank you Master Fung, you do me a great honor by putting such faith in me, and I will return that honor by guarding this Shen Gong Wu with my very life.” She will bow to him.

“Congratulations!” Raimundo, Clay, and Kimiko shouted with a smile.

“Once again, I am awed by just how excelled you are Miss Lein, you most definitely deserve it.” Omi bowed to her.

Dojo was getting the shakes. “Uh-oh gang, sensing another Shen Gong Wu.”
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