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26 September 2006 @ 11:31 pm
letter two.  
Title: Letters to Montana
Series: CSI: NY
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: CSI: NY {Crime Scene Investigation: New York} is copyright of Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuiker, and CBS – this includes all minor and major characters that were once in, or still currently in the show. The only thing I can claim as mine – is the idea.
Author’s Note: I got this idea as I was sitting on the bed, watching TV. These are letters to Lindsay Monroe’s Dad in Montana. The episode it’s referring to will be at the top with the date the ‘letter’ was written. Enjoy. I’ll be doing them one at a time too.

{November 9, 2005 – ‘Manhattan Manhunt’}

Dear Dad,
   Wow! All I have to say is WOW. Today, we actually helped someone else out. A fugitive came into New York from Miami, and I actually got to meet Lieutenant Horatio Caine. He mirrors Mac in so many ways. A very forward thinking man and you can’t really miss him, it’s a little difficult since he stands out with that red hair of his. He’s very much the gentleman as well, takes everything slow and steady, and never misses a beat. I was impressed, thoroughly, and really felt very honored to work with him.
   He was working with the rest of his team in Miami, as he’s Supervisor, while we were helping him all we could here. Lieutenant Caine actually caught the guy, he was going to kill off his step-sister and take all the money for himself, because he’s related to this rather rich family and none of them knew it, well… it seems the father did but never made mention of it. So Lieutenant Caine got the girl to cooperate and as the guy opened the door, he was right there with his gun ready. It was really amazing.
   Lieutenant Caine was a real pleasure to work with. He has this really soft voice that he carries no matter what the situation is, so people that know him know they need to keep quiet when he speaks because you could end up missing it. I know his team was happy to see him coming home, and although he denied a ride back to LaGuardia, courtesy of Mac, I’m pretty sure all of us will miss him too. He was like I said, a pleasure to work with.
   I hate to ask this Dad, but did that just sound incredibly high school of me? Like I’m almost gushing over a hot new teacher I find severely attractive? Not that I find… well, all right, Lieutenant Caine IS attractive, no one I think would deny that… except the boys, but I don’t think of him that way, besides – Miami is not the kind of relationship I want unless I’m living there and I just started in Manhattan, so I won’t even think about transferring so early.
   Mac told me, after everything that… “one day Lindsay, one day you’ll get to see how each of us works differently” and when I asked what he meant by that he responded with “well today you’ve seen how Lieutenant Caine operates, maybe sometime you’ll see how Doctor Grissom does”. Doctor Grissom? “Las Vegas’ CSI Supervisor” Oh. Well, now that has me wondering what kind of gruesome things Las Vegas sees, compared to Manhattan? Even Miami? I mean, it is the City of Sin… that alone makes my skin crawl. Okay, well, I’ve got to work tomorrow and I need at least some sleep. Take care Dad and I want to thank you for not taking this as bad as I would have thought.

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