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26 September 2006 @ 03:42 pm
letter one.  
Title: Letters to Montana
Series: CSI: NY
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: CSI: NY {Crime Scene Investigation: New York} is copyright of Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuiker, and CBS – this includes all minor and major characters that were once in, or still currently in the show. The only thing I can claim as mine – is the idea.
Author’s Note: I got this idea as I was sitting on the bed, watching TV. These are letters to Lindsay Monroe’s Dad in Montana. The episode it’s referring to will be at the top with the date the ‘letter’ was written. Enjoy. I’ll be doing them one at a time too.

{October 12, 2005 – ‘Zoo York’}

Dear Dad,
   Well, I’m here. In New York. I just had my first case today and let me tell you, I never thought I’d be doing this back home. Seems someone got fed to the tigers, and I met all my new co-workers, my boss is really nice. He’s stream-lined himself to the most efficient he could possibly be. He’s a USMC and we’re all Detectives, along with being CSIs. So we’re cops as well. Which I’m told is like Miami too. I know that you wanted your little girl to remain a flower of Montana forever, but I have my own dreams to pursue and I don’t want you to worry, I’ll be fine. You’ll see, I’m a big girl and I can handle myself. Don’t worry too much, okay?
   Mac Taylor, my boss. Definitely been there a while, you can tell the way he carries himself and how he says and does things. He’s very professional and polite and was giving me advice on where to try to get an apartment. I’m still in the process of looking and I can’t wait to get off this couch.
   Stella Bonasera, she’s a co-worker, probably senior CSI as well. She’s worked alongside Mac for quite some time, and the boys tell me that she’s their ‘statue of liberty’ – she’s a strong, independent woman. She’s half-greek, half-italian, so I’m guessing I need to watch her when she’s angry.
   Don Flack, our Homicide Detective. Though I’m told we’ve got another one who’s a replacement when Don can’t take care of us, he’s Yonkers born and bred, and a very close friend of another co-worker of mine. Know how you were saying all New Yorker’s tend to have a permanent bug up their ass? Don proves that wrong. He’s also allergic to cats, apparently.
   Danny Messer, another co-worker. He was hand picked by Mac himself, and he’s the best friend of Don I was mentioning. He’s also the troublemaker and self-proclaimed ladies man. He already tried to “help” me earlier today and that got me Mac telling me not to call him “sir”, when Danny had said to. He’s going to be an interesting one to get along with, or attempt to.
   Sheldon Hawkes, officially – he was a Medical Examiner, but he’s out in the field too. And he’s really very smart and very nice. And I know I’ll get along with him easily. He definitely has the mind to do both jobs, so it doesn’t surprise me that he is.
   Sid Hammerback, our Medical Examiner. He’s very… different from Hawkes, in the way that he approaches things differently, he also – or so I’m told – says things that people don’t really want to hear about. I hope I never have to hear it.
   Well, it’s getting late Dad. And I’ve got work in the morning and I’m starting to drift off as I write. So I guess I’ll end it here and I hope you’re doing all right. Give my love to everyone else.

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